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JADBIO in the field

We are excited to introduce JADBIO to those in the Life-Science community who generate data. In order to introduce you to JADBIO’s capabilities, we have assembled a collection of public datasets that demonstrate some of what is possible on this platform. All data described in our Case Studies are loaded on the JADBIO platform and associated with detailed tutorials. (provide link to tutorials in documentation) , so even if you are a novice in machine learning, you will be able to generate accurate predictive models.
Machine Learning algorithms come in different varieties, so JADBIO case studies and tutorials feature at least one example of Binary Classification, Multiclass Classification, Regression, and Survival (Time to Event).
Whether this is your first exposure to machine learning, or you are an expert exploring JADBIO, we encourage you to run through the platform with one of our tutorials as a guide. Many may be completed in as little as five minutes. If you have a case study you would like to share, we would be proud to feature it here.
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Binary Classification

JADBIO will perform a binary classification analysis, when the training data provided includes only two possible outcomes. The binary classification use cases we provide include a medical and an agricultural example. In the first instance, JADBIO uses microRNA expression data to predict the risk for an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. In the second, JADBIO identifies the predictive traits, including metabolomic data, associated with high or low quality potatoes.
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MultiClass Classification

Though similar to a binary classification, a multiclass classification uses different algorithms, creates different outputs, and uses more resources. As the name suggests, it is the analysis JADBIO performs when the outcome has more than two kinds of results. In the analysis of a multiclass algorithm, JADBIO will often provide the results of one class in contrast to all the others. The use case we include for multiclass analysis describes the classification of mutations in DNA molecules based on differences in their melting profile. We also have a use case that classifies different cancer types based on their tumor gene expression profiles.
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JADBIO includes many types of regression models. The key indicator that JADBIO will perform a regression analysis is found in your data; the predicted outcome is a continuous run of numbers. The example use case we provide for regression is based on a dataset published as part of a study in the progression of Parkinson’s disease. JADBIO is able to produce accurate predictive models regardless of your expertise in advanced machine learning techniques.
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Survival (Time to Event)

Survival analysis predicts the time it will take for an event to occur based on the occurrence of past events. Survival analysis is challenged by the presence of censored data, events that have not occurred yet, but might in the future. In the use case we provide here, we are predicting the survival of Low Grade Glioma (LGG) patients based on a variety of clinical data and the expression of microRNA.
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